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Butanol as an alternative to ethanol as a fuel additive got a big boost today with the news of a partnership between DuPont (NYSE: DD) and British Petroleum (NYSE: BP) to make biobutanol. (via MarketWatch)

Following are the advantages of Butanol over Ethanol (Source:

Butanol vs. Ethanol

- Higher energy content (110,000 Btu’s per gallon for butanol vs. 84,000 Btu per gallon for ethanol). Gasoline contains about 115,000 Btu’s per gallon.
- Butanol is six times less “evaporative” than ethanol and 13.5 times less evaporative than gasoline, making it safer to use as an oxygenate in Arizona, California and other states, thereby eliminating the need for very special blends during the summer and winter months.
- Butanol can be shipped through existing fuel pipelines where ethanol must be transported via rail, barge or truck
- Butanol can be used as a replacement for gasoline gallon for gallon e.g. 100%, or any other percentage. Ethanol can only be used as an additive to gasoline up to about 85% and then only after significant modifications to the engine. Worldwide 10% ethanol blends predominate.

Source: Butanol, an Alternative to Ethanol, Gets a Boost (DD, BP)