Ideal Market Environment for Clarus Corporation

| About: Claire's (CLRS)

Current market conditions have enhanced Clarus Corp.’s (CLRS) assets for a future combination. Clarus Corp. is a shell company with no current operating business but instead has about 86 million in cash or $4.95 per share and 223 million in NOLs. 90% of the NOLs expire 2020 or latter. The current stock price is only $4.06!

CLRS.PK is seeking to acquire a business in any industry and is being managed by the highly successful CEO Warren Kanders. Kanders has a successful track record most notably with AH (NYSE) Armor Holdings. Armor Holdings (AH) posted a ~30% compounded growth rate after he took over.

The first conference call for CLRS.PK was this past Tuesday 03/03/09.He believed given current market conditions it was important to update shareholders on the company’s status and future activities. The next conference call will only be after a new company is acquired.

Competitions for new deals have been dramatically reduced and valuations have fallen substantially. These conditions are improving opportunities for their projected 2009 asset redeployment. Clarus offers a unique opportunity. The ability to provide fresh capital with 86 million in net cash, 225 million in NOLs, immediate access to a public listing, a quick combination with no shareholder vote, and a proven talented manager with Warren Kanders.

There are many companies that would benefit from a Clarus combination. Some examples would be companies with short term liquidity issues, forced divestiture of corporate assets to generate needed liquidity, public companies selling off non core operating divisions, private entities and other situations. All of these actionable opportunities are increasing.

Clarus has stated a clear vision for the new combination and would include 25 million in EBITDA, long term favorable macro trends, an industry leading management team, a diversified customer and supplier base, predictable recurring revenue stream but would also consider acquiring ideas below the 25 million EBITDA.

I consider CLRS.PK a compelling opportunity with an excellent risk reward ratio or margin of safety.

Disclosure: I have a long position in CLRS.PK