Yeah, And the iPod Wasn't a Threat to the Walkman, Either...

Includes: AAPL, SNE
by: John Paczkowski

“I think the iPhone and iPod touch may emerge as really viable devices in the mobile games market.”

– Apple CEO Steve Jobs, November 2008

psp_iphone_interfacejpgSony doesn’t consider Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone a serious rival to its PlayStation Portable. This according to Sony Computer Entertainment’s Ray Maguire, who says a converged device like the iPhone will always be inferior to a dedicated gaming platform like the PSP.

“The iPhone has the advantage of being a single device and is growing a reasonable installed base, but it doesn’t have the production power that a PSP has,” he told MCV. “As a specific games machine, the PSP is always going to win out.”

Not that Sony (NYSE:SNE) is ignoring the fast-developing market for time-waster, or snacking, games that has arisen around the iPhone. Said Maguire, “We’re in a great position to take on the interest in these snacking games and produce them at better quality, lower prices, with lower cost of development–that’s a great business model.”

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