Commodity Chart Of The Day: Weekly Dow Jones

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I am always reticent when doing analysis on a market at an all-time high or all-time low when constructing a trade. See above: history in the making, as the Dow is at all-time highs as futures inch towards their 2007 highs. In the last 11 weeks after challenging the 100 day MA in mid-November, futures have appreciated 14%. This would be banner performance for an entire year, forget about in 1 quarter.

Off the 2009 lows, stocks have advanced 119%. In the last 15 weeks, there have only been 2 negative weeks. In my 12-year career, I cannot remember such a one-sided trade. This is a crowded trade, and if we dig deeper, I just do not see the logic in the elated bullish sentiment. I have been wrong for several weeks, and by positioning clients in a small bearish trade, it has been a losing proposition. If not speculating, at a minimum, I would say investors with sizable holdings should lighten up or institute some kind of hedge.

A number of people do not adhere to technical analysis, but looking at the chart above, I think there is compelling evidence to see the Fibonacci levels come in at key support and resistance levels in this chart. I do not know the catalyst, but I do expect to see prices roll over in the coming days/weeks, and at a minimum, make their way to the 38.2% Fibonacci level. This would represent a near 3000-point correction in the Dow, and likely a 300-point-plus decline in the S&P… trade accordingly.

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