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From Investopedia:

"In 1939, with Hitler’s Germany ravaging Europe, John Templeton bought $100 of every stock trading below $1 on the New York and American stock exchanges. Templeton’s trade got him a junk pile of some 104 companies, 34 of which were bankrupt, for a total investment of roughly $10,400. Four years later he sold these stocks for more than $40,000!"

If you ran that screen today it returns about 300 stocks from a list of 2500.

If you then sort the stocks by number of insider buys it returns the following symbols:

Adcare Health (NYSEMKT:ADK)

Cano Petroleum (NYSEMKT:CFW)

Dreams Inc (NYSEMKT:DRJ)

Endeavour Intl (NYSE:END)

Entercom Communications (NYSE:ETM)

Frederick's of Hollywood (NYSEMKT:FOH)

Global Logistics (NYSEMKT:GLA)

General Moly (NYSEMKT:GMO)


Cytomedix (GTF)

Gray Television (NYSE:GTN)


Interstate Hotels & Resorts (IHR)


OMNOVA Solutions, (NYSE:OMN)

Opko Health (NYSE:OPK)

Castle Brands (NYSEMKT:ROX)

Roberts Realty Investors (NYSEMKT:RPI)


Xfone (XFN)

Some truly nauseating charts in there! Strong caution - a lot of these funds are teeny microcaps with little volume. . .values ranging from $150 million to $5 million.