In Move that Should Improve Industry Health, LG Philips to Delay LCD Expansion (LPL)

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Just Thursday we said “After repeatedly insisting that things were going to be fine by August, LCD panel makers now appear to be accepting the reality: they have been making too damn many panels and it is going to hurt their profitability at least through the remainder of the year. Now maybe they will work to reign in production so the stock prices can bottom.”

Now, it looks like the end may finally be in sight.

As DigiTimes reported,

LG Philips LCD is slowing down capacity expansion for next-generation LCD production...LG Philips LCD may delay the production of a new 5.5G plant by one quarter (original time frame was June 2007), with the investment plan for an 8G plant also postponed, according to the Chinese-language Commercial Times.

LG Philips LCD recently lowered its shipments forecast and said it expected a sharper panel price fall for the second quarter. The company said in a press release that it has decided to temporize production to address inventory concerns and better balance its short-term supply with demand. Furthermore, the maker is reviewing its total capacity plans for this year and beyond.

There may still be some bumpy times ahead, but at least panel makers like LPL have finally come around to taking the tough medicine that eventually will restore the market to health.

LPL 1-yr chart:

LPL 1-yr chart