On the Necessity of Using Limit Orders: GSG Price Spike

| About: iShares S&P (GSG)

Here is an example of why it is prudent to use limit orders on most ETFs and ETNs. The iShares S&P GSCI Commodity-Indexed Trust (NYSEARCA:GSG) was trading calmly at $26.15 around 9:25am (CDT) yesterday morning.

A minute later, a flurry of buy orders hit. Apparently, they were all “at the market” buy orders, because what happened next can be seen in the screen shot below:

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Tick level analysis reveals that this was not one large order but a large series of orders, all less than 5,000 shares each. However, it may have been just one or two buyers utilizing an algorithm without the limit order option enabled, or a computerized auto-trading program may have run amuck.

More than 60,000 shares changed hands at prices above $29 (a 10% premium). Approximately an hour later, a single trade for 47,000 shares took place at $26.08, with no more than a three-cent move in the price. That’s the power of using a limit order.

Disclosure: no positions, but considering one (with a limit order)