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At 2:30pm Eastern time today, we hosted a live discussion on the Treasury Department's recently-announced bank recovery plan. Panelists are the following 4 Seeking Alpha contributors, and here are links to posts they've written on the plan:

Felix Salmon of Geithner's Doomed Bailout PlanHow Treasury's Bank Bailout Could Make Things Worse

James Kwak, co-founder of The Baseline Scenario: The Toxic Assets Plan - Yes, It's a SubsidyIn Private/Public Partnership, Why Not Let the People In?Geithner's Plan Isn't Money in the Bank (@ LA Times)

Brad DeLong, professor of economics at the University of California at Berkeley, former deputy assistant secretary of the U.S. Treasury: The Geithner Plan FAQWhy I Think Paul Krugman Is Wrong

Mark Thoma, faculty, Economics Dept., University of Oregon: The Geithner Plan: Will It Work and How to TellWhich Bailout Plan Is Best

You can replay the entire discussion in the box below.

~ Mick Weinstein, SA Editor-in-Chief

Source: Live Discussion: Treasury's Bank Recovery Plan