Read My Lips: 90% of You Will have G-Buy in 2 Years (GOOG)

| About: Alphabet Inc. (GOOG)

The number of free services given away by Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) is growing rapidly. If a friend sends a friend a link to a free Google Spreadsheet, a free Calendar or a free Photo Album, the friend is likely to register for a free account to view the information sent by the friend. When a person logs onto his free Google Account, Calendar, Spreadsheet, Google Talk or Gmail, or whatever, he automatically logs into the other free services. Can you see how easy it will be for Google add Gbuy accounts? Everyone one who uses Gmail, Gmusic, or Gvideo will find it easy to use Gbuy.

The fee schedule is not public information but it is believed that there will be a cost associated with using Gbuy. Perhaps it is more important to note that Gbuy will give Google terabytes upon terabytes of information about what users buy. For example, Google will easily direct advertisements of baby products to people who buy baby products. The time saved by consumers will be enormous. Those who do not have babies will very seldom see an advertisement for baby products. Those who buy wine will automatically be exposed to much information about wine.

Investors who do not own Google stock are making a big mistake!

GOOG 1-yr chart:

GOOG 1-yr chart