Smallcap Update: InFocus Smacked, MMS, OSUR, NOIZ

by: David Jackson

Excerpt from today's One Page Annotated Wall Street Journal Summary (which you can get emailed to you every morning by signing up here):
SMALL STOCKS: Vitesse, Lear and Take-Two Drop As Specter of Higher Rates Looms

  • Summary: Stocks moving on earnings results or guidance: InFocus (INFS) down 17%, Maximus (NYSE:MMS) down 21%, Micronetics (NASDAQ:NOIZ) up 23%. Ev3 (EVVV) got FDA approval for a stent-replacement device. OraSure Technologies (NASDAQ:OSUR) won a multiyear contract from NYC for advanced HIV tests.
  • Comment on related stocks/ETFs: InFocus (INFS) is an interesting stock. The TV market is undergoing a multi-year upgrade cycle as consumers move to flat panels; many will discover that projectors are better value. According to its most recent 10-Q, InFocus has over $52 million of cash on its balance sheet; its market cap is about $123 million. In the press release announcing the shortfall in its Q2 revenue, InFocus said that gross margins are still expected to improve from their Q1 level of 15%. But the company won't reach operating profitability in Q2 and may be delisted by the Nasdaq.