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Anoop Gantayat of wrote-up a piece last Friday on a recent survey of Japanese game developers about the Sony (NYSE:SNE) PlayStation 3. The survey was conducted by the oldest gaming magazine in Japan, Ge-Maga. Although the number of respondents was not reported, 90.29% of them said the PS3 is too expensive versus just 9.71% who said the price was just right. Gantayat mentions one respondent who commented that, "It's more expensive than my rent."

We've already known since Sony announced its tiered pricing that it would be more expensive than rivals' consoles. But clearly the developers' responses (see below) from Ge-Maga's survey don't bode well for Sony and its PS3 launch this November. Imagine the response this holiday season when kids ask their parents for one.

Gantayat goes on to list other disappointing points found in the survey, such as:

    • 56.31% disagree with Sony's choice of going with two hardware models, compared with 39.32% who agree with the move

    • 55.82% feel that the PS3 won't sell with the current lineup of announced titles, compared to 39.32% who feel that it will sell

    • 48.54% stated that, following the show (E3), their anticipation of the hardware is unchanged, 32.52% stated that they've become less confident in the platform. Only 3.39% said that they were relieved by Sony's announcements at the show.

    • 62.13% feel that the system won't reach 6,000,000 sales by March of next year. In comparison, 35.43% feel that Sony will reach this goal.

Hat tip to David Siao of the San Francisco Bay Area for bringing this article to my attention.

Sony Corp (SNE) 1-year chart:

Source: Sony PS3: "More Expensive Than My Rent" (SNE)