Has Your Bank Failed? Didn't Think So

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by: The Good News Economist

Mine hasn't either.

And the majority of Americans are now beginning to realize that the dire predictions of their local banks failing is just not materializing. For all the complaining about the government stepping in to help the banks, the reality is that the Fed's rescue plans are working. Treasury and Fed leaders seem to have structured the specific programs just about right.

In fact, I've recently seen bank billboards and signage like, "We are rock solid. Come inside and let us tell you why," or "We specialize in small business loans. Let us earn your trust," or "There is no credit crisis here."

Bank failures last year and today are much lower than during other banking problems in recent memory (like the Savings and Loan Crisis).

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Source: News N Economics

Additionally, according to the FDIC, no banks failed last week and according to Fed data, actual lending continues at record highs.
Source: Calafia Beach Pundit

It is no wonder that consumer confidence is up and retail spending continues to improve.