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When the Against the Sky Portfolio was initially launched, I stated the principles of the portfolio and how investments would be allocated. Now is a good time to look at the current allocations of the portfolio and re-visit the principles as initially conceived.

Below is a table of the portfolios holdings as of 3/31/09:

Company % Portfolio Target Allocation
Foreign Bond
MGGBX 11.65%
Total: 11.65% 10%
Foreign Stock
HIINX 8.16%
Total 8.16% 10%
Large/Mid Cap
SPY 10.30%
MDY 7.10%
ADP 5.42%
CMG 3.68%
MKL 3.50%
RGA 3.00%
FTR 2.88%
DUK 2.65%
AAPL 2.59%
BIDU 2.18%
Total 43.30% 60%
Small Cap
LXP 4.40%
MIDD 4.00%
OTTR 2.86%
GWR 2.62%
UA 1.82%
SPRO 1.71%
CTRP 1.69%
JLL 1.58%
DWSN 1.50%
WEBM 0.86%
DRE 0.71%
CSE 0.56%
Total 24.31% 20%
Cash 12.58%

Market turmoil has turned some of my mid-cap companies into small caps, causing my allocation in small-cap companies to rise to 24%. There will not be any sales to decrease this percentage, though I am looking to increase the quality of some of these holdings. With almost 13% of the portfolio in cash, I will be looking to invest in high quality large-caps on market dips.

Initially, I had hoped to invest in companies that I would be comfortable owning for 10 years. Certainly not all of the current holdings meet that criteria. Again, I need to re-focus this portfolio on quality. However, the current market is providing opportunities to buy companies at well-below their liquidation value. These may not be high quality companies, but they do provide significant upside potential. Money will be concentrated in my best ideas over the coming months.

Source: Monthly Portfolio Review: Looking for Big Caps