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From The China Stock Blog (permission granted): NetEase (ticker: NTES) reported Q1 2005 results
on Tuesday. Here are key quotes attributed to Acting CEO Ted Sun, COO
Michael Tong, and CFO Denny Lee from NetEase's Q1 earnings results
conference call:

On where wireless revenue growth will come from

Acting CEO Ted Sun:

….we’re expecting a main growth will come from W-A-P.....

On The9's (ticker: NCTY) World of Warcraft (WoW)

COO Michael Tong:

Chinese culture of the game….the hardware configuration and
requirements for WoW -- seem to be still some of the problem for World
of Warcraft.

....How this is going to
affect our games.… I think both games will probably be the least games
affected in the market, mainly because those are Chinese traditional
games and they are 2-D games with much lower hardware requirements.

On the Q2 impact of WoW and Shanda's (ticker: SNDA) Magical Land

CFO Denny Lee:

the open beta of the two games of World of Warcraft and Magical Land,
the assumption is that we might actually experience slower growth for
May and also June during the open beta of these two games for Fantasy
Westward Journey and Westward Journey Online II -- slower growth
compared to that of Q1.

On NetEase game Fly for Fun

COO Michael Tong:

....For Fly for Fun, the
peak concurrent users right now are around 23,000 during this open
beta. Obviously, it’s a very small number and it’s lower than our own
expectations. I think we will at least need to have 50,000 peak use if
we are going to commercially launch the game.

(Quotes are from the CCBN StreetEvents transcript.)

Source: NetEase (NTES) management pressed on the impact of NCTY's WoW (1Q05 conf call quotes)