When Does It All End? The TARP Abuse Continues

Apr.22.09 | About: General Motors (GM)

Trillions of dollars for the bailouts haven’t satisfied the banks and automakers. They want more, and they’re spending your dollars to make sure they get it. According to the Associated Press, the top 10 recipients of the TARP spent about $9.5 million on lobbying during the first quarter of 2009.

Take a guess who the biggest spender was. GM of course; the company in the worst financial trouble. In just the first three months of 2009, GM handed over $2.8 million to lobbyists so they could bribe Washington officials for more taxpayer dollars. With already over $13 billion in bailout funds and much more on the way, spending $3 million is a very cheap price to pay to ensure billions in handouts, especially when these bribes have essentially come from taxpayer funds. The list goes on.

I don’t care if these companies raised lobbying funds from employees selling their blood. The fact is that all lobbyist activities must be completely banned if America ever expects to recover from this depression.

This type of corruption is the exact reason why the banks and real estate industry were able to carry out their Ponzi scheme. This is a complete slap in the face of every single American. These shameless, disgraceful companies continue to lobby because they know corruption is the rule in America. Americans should be stampeding Capitol Hill in protest. I continue to be disgusted with this nation each and every day.