Commodity Chart Of The Day: Daily Silver - All Aboard The Silver Express

Includes: AGQ, SLV
by: Matthew Bradbard

By Matthew Bradbard

After seven consecutive losing days silver has found its footing, trading positive by 1.77% as of this post. Now the catalyst may be a disappointing jobs number but to me if we can get follow through into next week silver may deserve some of your speculative dollars. This is but a small victory though the fact that sentiment is so bearish leads me to be believe we might even experience a short covering rally next week on a trade above $28/ounce in May futures.

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After basing out for five weeks this last leg dragged silver to within 40 cents of one year lows and prices are off their highs in 2012 nearly 23%. I see much more upside than downside and as a trader we must weigh not only our profit potential but also our risk. At current levels I would cut loses on a trade below $26.25 or $1 under current trade and on the upside a 38.2% retracement is $2.50 from the current trade ... 2.5:1 risk/reward dynamic.

Generally speaking when the ship is leaning so hard one way I prefer to speculate in the opposite direction. The sentiment in metals has been increasingly bearish of late and therefore I want to bet against the crowd. Trading metals is not for the faint of heart and my suggestion is to wade into the trade and build a position over time.

There are several bullish strategies that can be implemented depending on your account size and risk tolerance:

1.) 1.) Long mini -silver futures (1000 ounce contract - $10 per penny).

2.) 2.) Long standard - silver futures (5000 ounce contract - $50 per penny) … one could sell out of the money calls 1:1 as a hedge.

3.) 3.) Back ratio spreads - A recent position put on for clients in July silver options was short (1) July $27 call and long (3) July $29 calls.

I believe we can trade back to the 50 day MA (the red line) in the chart above in the coming months ... trade accordingly.

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