Cramer Is Not Buying into the Swine Flu

Apr.28.09 | About: Quidel Corporation (QDEL)

“Caller Stephen in New York: I’m calling about QDEL. As you know, they are in the business of influenza diagnosis, with this new swine flu already making headlines, I wonder if you thought there was any mad money to be made here?

Jim Cramer: I am telling you to sell, sell, sell because I do not believe that swine flu is going to make you any money past Wednesday.” CNBC’s Mad Money on Monday, April 27, 2009

Ockham historical valuation QDELThe most pressing issue in the minds of so many Americans today is the possibility of an influenza epidemic from the swine flu which started in Mexico. Investors are always trying to jump on a trend that they see developing and so it is no surprise that someone would ask Cramer about a pure swine flu play, in this case Quidel Corporation (NASDAQ:QDEL). The small cap company is a healthcare company that specializes in diagnostics and point of care for infectious diseases. Not surprisingly, the stock has achieved about a 42% gain since the swine flu began to make headlines late last week.Mad-Money_4-27

However, Cramer’s advice is that investors trying to play the swine flu have probably already missed the boat. Of course, Cramer is no medical expert, so take this advice as purely equity related. One way to look at it, if the swine flu does turn into a pandemic, then there are more important things to worry about that stock portfolios anyway.

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