Rob Black's Media Stock Report

Includes: DIS, GOOG, TWX, YHOO
by: Rob Black
Piper Jaffray raised their Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) 2nd quarter estimates based on 1) strong search volumes in 2nd quarter; 2) their belief that Google gained share in the quarter; and 3) stable search pricing trends.

Warner Music Group (NYSE:TWX) may rise after gaining market share in U.S. album sales in the first six months of the year. Warner Music's half-year share of current or new albums rose 3.8 percentage points to 18.5 percent

Yahoo (NASDAQ:YHOO) won big on a global scale with the World Cup. An average of 4 mln sports fans worldwide visited the Yahoo FIFA World Cup site each day from June 12 through June 25. The co's closest rival during that time was MSN (NASDAQ:MSFT), with a daily average of more than 600,000. AOL (TWX) averaged 170,000.

Disney (NYSE:DIS) struck gold as "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" thundered into theaters with a record $132 million in North American ticket sales. The opening anchors a franchise for Disney that is likely to keep gushing for at least the next 18 months. Scoring a hit this summer paves the way for a DVD release over Christmas, followed by a second sequel, "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End," next summer and another DVD release. Hitting a home run with "Pirates" marks a comeback for the studio. Disney's earnings have reflected a difficult run for the studio, in part because disappointments including "Dark Water" and "The Brothers Grimm." Disney now has a chance of landing the summer's two top movies. "Cars," the animated movie from its recently acquired Pixar unit, crossed $200 million over the weekend and is has its sights on XMEN which has raked in $231 million.