HudBay Takeover Unlikely - RBC

Apr.29.09 | About: Hudbay Minerals (HBM)

Indian mining company Vedanta Resources PLC has acquired a 9.5% stake in HudBay Minerals Inc. (HBMFF.PK), but RBC Capital Markets analyst Adam Schatzker thinks that an outright takeover is highly unlikely.

In a note to clients, he put the odds of a takeover of less than 25%. One issue is that Vedanta would likely have to buy Asarco LLC first, and that is a tricky bankruptcy sale. Mr. Schatzker also suspects Vedanta may choose to sell its HudBay shares and a book a profit as high as C$70-million. Put together, he thinks the odds of a takeover are lower than the market is discounting.

He wrote:

We think the safe bet for existing [HudBay] shareholders is to hold their shares or sell into the rally. We do not think this is a good time for investors to build a new position or add to existing ones.

If Vedanta does try to acquire HudBay, Mr. Schatzker believes it could offer between C$9.00 and C$10.00 a share. He rates HudBay a "sector perform" with a price target of C$7.50 a share.