LG Philips LCD Execs Discuss TV Demand in China (LPL)

Jul.11.06 | About: LG Display (LPL)

From LG Philips LCD (NYSE:LPL) Q2 2006 earnings conference call transcript:

Daniel Kim - Vice President of Investor Relations

The relationship with our customers, we have our major shareholders like Philips and LG Electronics. They are focusing a lot on bigger growth, big potential for sales of, especially larger sizes; and also focusing a lot on the customers looking for the big growth of their TV sales in the second half.

Also, we are looking for a bigger growth of sales in the China market also. They are looking forward to the national holiday, a big season, and we expect that there will be growth. Especially for the larger size TVs.

Also, our customers in the European countries also, they are looking for the big growth of the TVs.

Bock Kwon - Chief Marketing and Sales Officer

42-inch customers, we are focusing more for the major shareholders — Philips and LG. Electronics — and also the customer from Japan. Especially for 42-inch also, we are seeing a lot for the Chinese market also. The Chinese market, we are working with most of the local manufacturers. They are maintaining a good proportion of the sales in the China market.