Build an Anti-Terrorism Portfolio to Protect Your Investments

 |  Includes: BA, BEAM, BOYD, FCX, GD, LMT, MO, NEM, PD, SLV, TIP, USO
by: Yaser Anwar

Today's news is just another indication that we are living in turbulent and unpredictably violent times. Fortunately, there are several ways you can protect yourself in this Age of Terrorism.

Consider two of them:

1. Continue to invest in foreign stocks and emerging markets.

2. Establish an "Anti-Terrorist Portfolio." Several years ago, I made a list for my Forecasts & Strategies subscribers that included investments that might benefit from terrorism. They are:

* Defense stocks, such as Boeing (NYSE:BA), General Dynamics (NYSE:GD), and Lockheed Martin (NYSE:LMT)
* Commodities, such as oil, gas, copper and aluminum (NYSEARCA:USO), (NYSE:FCX), and (PD)
* Gold and silver (NYSE:NEM) & (NYSEARCA:SLV)
* So-called "vice" companies that specialize in alcohol (FO), tobacco (NYSE:MO) and gambling (BOYD)
* Inflation-Indexed Government Bonds (NYSEARCA:TIP)

(Source: Investment U)