Time For Revolution Lighting Technologies To Shine

| About: Revolution Lighting (RVLT)

Revolution Lighting Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ:RVLT) is a long way from the NEXXUS Lighting self it once was. Where NEXXUS may have failed, Revolution Lighting Technologies is gaining success and now is the perfect time to start adding it to your portfolio as a speculation play.

Before changing course (and name), NEXXUS Lighting had a deal with Lowe's (NYSE:LOW) that put the company's product on a lot of shelves. There was excitement in the small NEXXUS investor crowd and the stock price went up. However, units did not sell due to a higher price point than similar products as well as questionable shelf position. Lowe's stopped carrying the lighting products and investment sentiment soured. The stock price dwindled down to a low of .11 cents in August of 2012.

In Mid-November, 2012, NEXXUS was no more. Then within weeks, the revolution began. First, the company aquired Seesmart Inc. for $20 Million dollars. That $20M was a lot too, it was about Revolution's market Cap at the time. So it was, and still is, a big bet. In fact, Seesmart Inc. was such an established company and was acquired so late in the fiscal year, Revolution Lighting Technologies delayed posting yearly financials but finally filed on 4/16/13.

So what did Seesmart add? Here is what Chairman Robert LaPenta said at the time of acquisition:

"We are very pleased to have Seesmart become a Revolution Lighting Technologies company. With their superior service, their unique and extensive distributor network, and their large pipeline of business prospects, we expect Seesmart to grow rapidly and be profitable in 2013 and beyond," said Robert V. LaPenta, Chairman of Revolution.

The key here is the distributor network (and of course, the word "profitable" is nice). Revolution Lighting Technologies, after losing Lowe's, might have been in a bit of a public relations jam. It might have been tougher to sell products when a big box store had just turned them away. So Seesmart was a great way to get the name and products out there without being attached to the old NEXXUS-- and it worked.

In January, 2013 Seesmart received an order for up to $10M, or about half of what Revolution paid for it. And there appears to be more coming:

"We are anticipating tremendous growth in 2013 as the millions of dollars of quotes in our pipeline begin to convert to sales," said Ken Ames, Director of Sales for Seesmart, Inc. "We have worked diligently in creating a solid network of 50 exclusive distributors and 300 representatives to educate the end-user about LED technology and its benefits. Seesmart is poised for rapid growth this year while continuing to bring high quality, value engineered products into the marketplace with key technology leaders."

The key here is millions of dollars in quotes turning into sales. There were (and potentially still are) more orders coming. And then Seesmart delivered again. It wasn't the biggest order in the world, but the client is notable in that Seesmart bulbs got installed in a great property:

"Revolution Lighting is excited to continue its relationship with SL Green Realty by installing our market-leading Seesmart LED products throughout its premier New York City property," said Charles Schafer, President and Chief Financial Officer of Revolution Lighting Technologies, Inc. "Having our LED products installed in the heart of Times Square proves the increased confidence of the maturing LED industry. We're excited to deliver significant cost savings through energy efficiency and lower maintenance costs at the Viacom headquarters."

So Seesmart Inc. is paying off, and fast. The trick here is that the yearly financials that were just filed won't tell any of this story. A smart investor will look at what the first few months the new year has brought to Revolution Lighting Technologies Inc. and see that orders are starting to come in, investments are starting to roll in, innovation is happening an CEO LaPenta is keeping investors informed.

Those links should paint a good picture for you. With orders, investment, innovation and investor communication, Revolution Lighting Technologies Inc. is now beginning what NEXXUS Lighting could not. And at about $2 a share at the time of writing, think of this: NEXXUS was over $5 a share and did not have many sales, investments or innovation at all. Look for that price (with volatility) to start going way up as more orders come in.

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, but may initiate a long position in RVLT over the next 72 hours. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it (other than from Seeking Alpha). I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.