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ln our last post we highlighted the average change on earnings reports for stocks in each sector. Below we highlight the 30 stocks that have gone up the most in response to their Q1 '09 earnings reports and the 30 stocks that have gone down the most. For stocks that report earnings in the morning, we use that trading day's price change. For stocks that report after the close, we use the next trading day's price change.

As shown, HGSI has had the best earnings report response with a one-day gain of 57.55%. RT comes in a close second with a gain of 56.81%. Other notables on the list of winners include WYN, BGFV, EXPE, TIN, and BBBY.

SQNM has had the worst reaction to its earnings report with a decline of 75.72%. E*Trade (ETFC) and Bank of America (BAC) also rank in the bottom six.

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Source: Best and Worst Performing Stocks on Earnings