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Rob Zenilman submits: Year over year annual revenue growth of stocks covered in the Internet Content & Community sector ranged from 30.6% (LGBT) down to -18.5% (NASDAQ:REDF), with a median value of 6.2%.

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Data in table version -- click on a ticker for opinion and analysis of the company:

Prev. 12 Last 12 YOY
12 Mo. Months Months Increase
Ticker Company Ending $(mm) ($mm) %
ADAMADAM Inc.03/31/06$10.05$10.201.4%
ADBLAudible, Inc.03/31/06$63.07$69.8310.7%
CNETCNET Networks Inc.03/31/06$352.95$365.103.4%
FCONFinancialcontent Inc.03/31/06$1.54$1.668.4%
HOLLHollywood Media Corp.03/31/06$89.51$91.762.5%
IVILiVillage Inc.03/31/06$91.06$95.344.7%
JRJCChina Finance Online Co. 03/31/06$7.48$6.96-6.9%
JUPMJupitermedia Corp.03/31/06$124.58$138.8111.4%
KNOTKnot Inc.03/31/06$51.41$54.235.5%
LGBTPlanetOut Inc.03/31/06$35.59$46.5030.6%
LNUXVA Software Corp.04/30/06$39.37$43.209.7%
NAPSNapster Inc.03/31/06$85.35$94.6910.9% Inc.03/31/06$199.79$226.1013.2%
QPSAQuepasa Corp.03/31/06$0.77$0.805.0% India Ltd.03/31/06$22.95$18.70-18.5%
RNWKRealNetworks Inc.03/31/06$325.06$335.093.1%
SINASina Corp.03/31/06$193.55$194.420.4%
SNDAShanda Interactive Entert03/31/06$205.49$190.39-7.3% Inc.03/31/06$101.03$107.926.8% Inc.03/31/06$32.59$35.9310.2%
WBMDWebMD Health Corp.03/31/06$168.94$185.239.6%
YHOOYahoo! Inc.03/31/06$5,257.67$5,650.987.5%

Data: CapitalIQ

Note: Annual data is the most recently reported 12 months as of July 13, 2006 vs. the same period last year.


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