Hitachi: Size Matters -- Eyeing Market Share in 60+ Inch Plasma TVs (HIT)

| About: Hitachi Ltd. (HTHIY)
Hitachi Ltd (HIT) is reportedly not holding anything back this holiday season when it plans to expand its plasma television product line both domestically and overseas.

The focus of its expansion is in the 60+ inch size range targeting Japanese and American consumers.

Initially Hitachi had set the size of its forthcoming plasma HD-TVs at 55 inches but is said to no longer be stuck on 55 inches and instead wants to exploit plasma's advantages in screen size. Hitachi will also be adjusting its strategy on a regional basis and devote more attention on unit price and TV functions.

Some new models will hit shelves beginning this fall as Hitachi aims to have established a strong presence in consumer electronics stores by spring. In an interesting note however, it appears Hitachi will opt to introduce more LCD TVs in Europe instead of plasma since the former are cheaper in price and the market may be extremely competitive given the purchases made earlier this year for World Cup Soccer 2006.

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