Beasley Broadcast Group (BBGI) discusses its performance versus the industry, the conversion to HD, and the strongest performing advertising categories (quotes from conf call)

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Below are some comments from Beasley Broadcast Group (NASDAQ:BBGI) from its February 9, 2005 conference call with investors.

On BBGI's performance vs. the industry:

...for those of you watching industry numbers from the Radio Advertising Bureau, our 4 percent revenue growth in Q4 outpaced the industry growth of 1 percent and for the full year we grew revenues 7 percent, more than 3 times the industry rate of 2 percent.

On the conversion to HD:

… we have always been on the forefront of HD Radio. We think it's very, very important for the whole industry to come together and convert their stations to HD Radio and we have made a commitment to do that with our stations over the next several years to be fully converted.

On the strongest performing advertising categories:

… speaking to the national categories that we saw in Q4, auto was strong, restaurant and beverages, as well as movies were strong for us and that's particularly due to-- to WRDW in Philadelphia, as well as to WPOW in Miami. As well as political was a strong national advertiser for us in Q4….we did extremely well in Las Vegas on KJUL with national political because of the demographic of that station. Political candidates targeted older demos, so KJUL benefited greatly, both locally and nationally, in the fourth quarter from political.

(Quotes are from the CCBN StreetEvents transcript; permission to reproduce explicitly granted in writing.)