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Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is currently the biggest "dog" in the market, but up until recently, there was another stock that was trading just as badly -- Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX). After gaining more than 1,500% from its 2008 low to its high in July 2011, Netflix began plummeting on pretty much a daily basis, and it was hard to find an analyst or investor that didn't think the company was destined to go under when it was trading in the $50s last year.

But America loves a comeback story, and there hasn't been a comeback story like Netflix in quite some time. From its low last September, NFLX is now up 303% -- yes, the stock has tripled in a little under seven months! And with its exclusive "House of Cards" hit, Netflix is once again a market darling. If Netflix can do it, why can't Apple? Apple shareholders can only dream of such a move right now.

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Source: Netflix's Remarkable Run