Infospace (INSP) on metasearch and personalized search

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Infospace (ticker: INSP) released strong Q1 earnings and disappointing guidance in late April, but used its April 26th conference call to discuss a number of topics. Here's CEO James Voelker on metasearch and personalized/filtered search:

The increasing value of Metasearch is underscored by the great disparity between the results returned by single search engine sites. A recent study found that of 10,000 randomly generated queries only about 5% of the first page results were common to Google, Yahoo, and Jeeves. This disparity reinforces Metasearch's advantage in covering more of the web while delivering broader advertiser coverage and better monetization than any individual search engine.

…in addition we have built a dynamic system called IntelliFind, a program which analyses consumer click behavior, self-learns and is responsive to shifts in pop culture and current events.

In short, it finds for the likely intent of the user and feeds that output through Metasearch to deliver the most relevant set of results in the industry.

Since the first implementation of IntelliFind late last summer on Dogpile, we have increased visitors, queries, clicks and revenue an average of 30%. In addition, recent studies have shown that more users click on page one results of Dogpile than of any other search engine and a click of the first page of listings is the best demonstration of relevance, and is critical to strong monetization.

(Quotes are from the CCBN StreetEvents transcript.)

INSP chart below.

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