Shareholders' Bill of Rights: Help Save Capitalism from Destruction

by: Scott Rothbort

Below is contained the Shareholders' Bill of Rights. These rights are designed to protect the interests of shareholders and all those people who hold capitalism to be precious. Please link this bill of rights to your friends and colleagues. Help save capitalism from those who seek to destroy it.

Shareholders’ Bill of Rights

1. Shareholders have the right to vote their shares in accordance with corporate by-laws.

2. Shareholders have a claim to the net assets of the company.

3. Shareholders have a right to receive dividends distributed by the company.

4. Shareholders have the right to sue the company or its management as an individual or as part of a class.

5. Shareholders are entitled to receive an annual set of financial statements audited by an independent public accountant.

6. Shareholders have the right to create and destroy capital.

7. Shareholders can pledge or assign their stock.

8. Shareholders can elect to lend or withhold the lending of their stock.

9. Shareholders right to sell stock shall not be subordinated to any individual or entity.

10. Shareholders ownership shall not be nationalized by any government.