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The unofficial earnings season came to an end with Wal-Mart's report yesterday. In general, stocks performed well throughout the reporting period, and below we highlight the ones (>$5) that had the best one-day reactions to their earnings reports. For stocks that report in the morning, we use that day's change, and for stocks that report after the close, we use the next day's change.

As shown, Geokinetics (GOK) had the best one-day reaction to its earnings report this season with a gain of 61.59%. Ruby Tuesday (NYSE:RT) went up the second most at 56.81%, followed by VCI, RCRC, PEGA, and BARE. Other notables on the list of earnings season winners include MGM and WYN.

Overall, the average US stock averaged a gain of 2.4% on its report day, which is a strong number relative to prior quarters.

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Source: Best Performing Stocks During Eanings Season