Cooper Insiders Sell Heavily, But Purchases May Be More Significant

| About: The Cooper (COO)

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INSIDE TRACK: Buy or Sell Sign? Why It's Hard To Tell at Cooper

  • Summary: Insiders at Cooper, a specialty medical supplies company, have sold almost $30 million of stock so far in 2006, while buying less than $700,000 worth. Which transactions are more important for investors to consider? The purchases, a sign of confidence in the company, have been more recent, while the sales may simply be compensation-related and executive moves to diversify holdings. The bulk of sales were from director John Fruth, who received his shares when his company Ocular Sciences was sold to Cooper in January 2005. Eyes are also on the purchase by CEO Thomas Bender of more than $400,000 in Cooper shares, following his timely sale last year of $356,000 worth of shares before the stock dropped sharply in November from $70 to the current $43 level.
  • Comment on related stocks/ETFs: Cooper makes contact lenses and solutions -- the problems at Bausch & Lomb (BOL) over its ReNu contact lens solution don't seem to have aided Cooper's stock, which currently rests near its 52-week low following a remarkable 300% runup from 2003-2005.