BlackBerry Bullish On News Of Q10 Release

| About: BlackBerry Ltd. (BBRY)

BlackBerry (NASDAQ:BBRY) Inc. made a dramatic comeback after only one quarter of selling its first BB10-equipped smartphone, the Z10. The company became profitable and regained consumer confidence, but left investors wondering if its return was sustainable. BlackBerry intends to continue battling for market share with the release of its next phone, the Q10.

The BlackBerry Q10 is the corporation's answer to people who still want a "traditional" BlackBerry. While the Z10 was an entirely redesigned, touch-based device, the Q10 will boast the beloved BlackBerry keyboard. It will also feature a touch screen and the new BlackBerry 10 operating system. The phone will, of course, feature modern hardware specifications and the same camera hardware as the Z10.

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The Q10 is BlackBerry's reemergence into enterprise-oriented phones. Creating a phone that had excellent battery life and communications is what made BlackBerry so great in the first place; they're bringing back the original formula and simply refining it. The Q10 is a businessman's phone. It doesn't look fancy or have any ridiculous frills. It has high quality calling and messaging, and a large battery that lets it keep going for days.

With the release of the Q10, BlackBerry loyalists will rejoice. Those who stayed true to the embattled phone-maker will now have a direct upgrade to their old devices. It's very feasible that a lot of BlackBerry customers skipped out on the Z10 because they wanted a "traditional" BlackBerry. The Q10 is exactly that. It is sure to please anyone who yearns for the best physical keyboard on the market.

The Q10 has yet to release in most markets, including the US. BlackBerry did get the phone out in the UK, however, and with that launch came a wave of optimism. CEO Thorsten Heins announced that they have "…very, very good first signs" regarding upcoming sales of the Q10 handset. The launch appeared to go more smoothly than the Z10 launch several months ago, with more stores selling out of the product. BlackBerry stock jumped ~3% on this news, indicating a reinvigorated investor base.

While nothing is definite, it appears that the Q10 may end up doing much more for BlackBerry than the Z10 could have ever hoped for. Now that the company is back on its feet they can confidently move forward and regain market share using a proven formula. There are a myriad of people who are in love with the original format of the BlackBerry, but have been waiting for an upgrade. The Q10 should make for a very profitable quarter for BlackBerry; it seems advisable to go long.

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