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I've heard that Pfizer (NYSE:PFE) is doing something unusual with its proprietary compound collection: they're offering to let other people screen it.

Now, that's quite a step. Most companies guard their compounds pretty closely, considering them to be key assets. But I'm told that Pfizer has been meeting with several other (mostly smaller) companies, offering their (entire?) compound library as a screening resource. As I understand it, you need to come to them with a reasonably formatted HTS assay, and there's a fee in the high hundreds of thousands to run the screen.

That doesn't seem like much of a moneymaker, to be honest. The whole thing appears to me to be a way for Pfizer to strike deals with a number of other companies, since the compounds that come out of the screen will (likely as not) be covered by Pfizer's own patents. I haven't heard of how the IP issues are to be worked out in these deals, but that's the first thing that occurs to me. Anyone have more details?

Source: Pfizer's Compound Screen Doesn't Look Like a Great Moneymaker