Harley-Davidson Short Base in Decline

| About: Harley-Davidson, Inc. (HOG)
The Utilization (the measure of supply and demand in the securities lending market) of the luxury motorbike builder Harley-Davidson (NYSE:HOG), is down 9% to 58% over the last month. A Utilization of 58% is still high, but is well off its 52 week high of 71% which was seen on 3/11/09.
Short base (as measured by Percentage Shares Outstanding on Loan) in HOG is also down from its high, currently ar 12.91%
Other motor bike manufacturers Suzuki Motor (7269), Honda Montor (7267), and Kawaski (7012) all ahve lower short vases, of 3.18%, 0.32% and 4.00% respectively.
The Share price of HOG is down 3.63% over the last month.
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