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Rob Zenilman submits: Year over year quarterly earnings growth of stocks covered in the Application Software sector ranged from 339.9% (LGTY) down to -81.6% (DRTE), with a median value of 7.2%.

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Quarter Earnings Last Yr. YOY
Ticker Company Ending $(mm) ($mm) Increase%
ADBEAdobe Systems Inc.06/02/06$190.51$163.07-14.4%
ADSKAutodesk Inc.04/30/06$93.60$79.60-15.0%
ADVSAdvent Software Inc.03/31/06$0.83$2.54204.1%
APLXApplix Inc.03/31/06$0.68$0.13-80.6%
ATRSAltiris Inc.03/31/06$4.81$8.2370.9%
AXOAXS-One Inc.03/31/06-$3.17-$2.75N/A
BORLBorland Software Corp.03/31/06$0.85-$6.49N/A
CPWRCompuware Corp.03/31/06$66.22$61.95-6.4%
CRELCorel Corporation05/31/06-$5.56$6.35N/A
DOCCDocucorp International In04/30/06$0.76$1.72126.5%
DRTEDendrite International In03/31/06$7.10$1.31-81.6%
EPAYBottomline Technologies I03/31/06$1.85-$1.97N/A
FNDTFundtech Ltd.03/31/06$0.81$0.54-33.7%
HYSLHyperion Solutions Corp.03/31/06$27.10$25.00-7.7%
INTUIntuit Inc.04/30/06$428.04$488.8114.2%
IVIIInterVideo Inc.03/31/06$4.34$0.96-77.8%
IWImageWare Systems Inc.03/31/06-$1.13-$1.35N/A
LGTYLogility Inc.04/30/06$0.45$1.98339.9%
MANUManugistics Group Inc.02/28/06-$6.65$2.66N/A
MSFTMicrosoft Corp.03/31/06$5,116.00$4,645.00-9.2%
NOVLNovell Inc.04/30/06$7.81$9.7625.0%
NTWKNetSol Technologies Inc.03/31/06$0.17$0.2867.9%
OBASOptibase Ltd.03/31/06-$0.09-$1.26N/A
ONXSOnyx Software Corp.03/31/06-$0.72-$2.16N/A
PRGSProgress Software Corp.02/28/06$13.70$10.10-26.3%
PVSWPervasive Software Inc.03/31/06$1.05$1.137.2%
RNOWRightnow Technologies Inc03/31/06$0.85-$0.48N/A
SMSISmith Micro Software Inc.03/31/06-$0.13$1.85N/A
SOFOSonic Foundry Inc.03/31/06-$0.94-$0.95N/A
SPSSSPSS Inc.03/31/06$4.81$8.7381.6%
TRAKDealerTrack Holdings, Inc03/31/06$3.63$5.5452.5%
VSNTVersant Corp.04/30/06-$1.33$0.73N/A
WITSWitness Systems Inc.03/31/06$1.33$3.33149.9%

Data: CapitalIQ

Note: Net income is before taxes and excludes "unusual" items.


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