I Left My Fat Paycheck in San Francisco

by: The Daily Bail

And you thought you were so smart to go to work in the private sector. Take a look at this. When applicable, some of the figures include overtime. For nurse #1, her salary was in the $110k range and then added about $240k in overtime. There are prison dentists making $300k per year from San Diego to Santa Cruz. It's a racket. Become a police officer, boost your overtime in the 5 years leading to retirement and retire at 42 with a pension worth $2 million. Taxpayer suckas.

We must not have a bailout of California and other spoiled, bloated states. Their public-sector employee unions need a stringent dose of recession reality. The heyday is over. And taxpayers from states more in touch with fiscal sanity should not be asked to fund the largess of the grossly irresponsible. At its core it's an issue of fairness and accountability. Jefferson made it clear in the Constitution that the citizenry of one state should not bear the burden of another's misdeeds and miscalculations. We can only hope Barney Frank (and his bill to back all municipal and state debt) and Tim Geithner (a sucker for any bailout plea) do not end up supporting the wrong actors again.

A chart that will have you foaming: