Bio-Rad Sparks Video War Among Lab Supply Companies

Includes: A, BIO, RHHBY
by: Vincent Fernando, CFA

It's one thing to have viral marketing when it comes to consumer products, media, etc. But lab equipment? Bnet reports on a small viral-video war between laboratory supply companies. Yes that's right, lab supply.

It started (as far as I can tell, but correct me if I’m wrong) early last year, when Bio-Rad (NYSE:BIO) Laboratories put out a “We Are the World” tribute extolling the virtues of PCR. According to the song, the DNA amplification technique is particularly useful not just for detecting mutations, but “when you need to find out who the daddy is.”

The video was picked up by the WSJ Health Blog and widely circulated… inspiring Bio-Rad’s competitors in the life science tools space to up the ante.

Clearly shows that one can pursue alternative strategies no matter what the industry. I've decided to link to some of the videos here. Included in the fray below are Roche (OTCQX:RHHBY), Bio-Rad, Agilent (NYSE:A), and Eppendorf. I'll warn that they are definitely videos geared for a niche audience. Viewer discretion is advised.


Ok, don't ask why I have watched these videos repeatedly, but in the end I think Bio-Rad's GTCA clip, done to "YMCA", takes the cake here. Getting people to hum GTCA, your product, is a slam dunk.