U.S. Dollar Continues to Get Crushed by Israeli Shekel

 |  Includes: ISL, UDN, UUP
by: Aaron Katsman

It was only a few weeks ago that market pundits were predicting the US Dollar to reach 4.5 against the Israeli Shekel. Well, what sayeth you pundits now?

Can you say 3.89? Giddy up. The Shekel, like most other currencies continue to soar as President Obama continues to print money. We have seen a 7% fall in the USD/NIS rate in less than a month. Didn’t Obama say that he wanted a strong greenback?

It’s not exactly like the Israeli economy is on fire. This is clearly a USD story and doesn’t have much to do with the Shekel. As long as we continue to see businesses become nationalized, and the US Mint working 24/7, this has the potential to become a bigger and longer trend.