Martha Stewart Living (MSO) discusses its brand and library and the value of original content (quotes from conf call)

| About: Martha Stewart (MSO)

Below are some comments from Martha Stewart Living (NYSE:MSO) from its February 23, 2005 conference call with investors.

...The Company's plan from the day it went public was to use the Martha Stewart brand to incubate and launch new ones, and that's precisely what drove the development of Everyday Food and the purchase of Body & Soul. I know there was a lot of reading between the lines when those announcements were made, assumptions that the Company was backing away from the brand. But the Martha Stewart brand has always been and remains our greatest asset.

On to the second part of the equation -- assets. MSO has the richest, most comprehensive how-to libraries out there. Over 1500 hours of digitized video segments in every area of expertise, from planning a wedding or building book cases, right down to arranging flowers and baking zucchini bread.

My time at Disney taught me the value of this kind of Evergreen content. Distribution channels change, new platforms emerge, but great content always in demand. Our libraries are unencumbered and they are wholly-owned by the Company. We're going to continue developing our own content, and we're going to explore every opportunity to deliver it through new channels, new platforms and to a broader audience.

(Quotes are from the CCBN StreetEvents transcript.)