Kudos to Microsoft for Finally Doing Something Right

 |  Includes: GOOG, MSFT, YHOO
by: The Lonely Economist

If you’ve been surfing the web recently, you’ve surely come across these big, black ads with the word “bing” typed in lower case letters. In fact you’ve probably come across them on several of the sites you’ve been on.

To inform you, “bing” is a newly released search engine that has earned itself a lot of fanfare from users and the technological community in general. The search engine offers several interesting features that are worth mentioning. To start off, when you search a certain keyword you get a list of links, like any other search engine.

What makes these links distinctive is that when the mouse hovers over the right side of the link, a preview of the site is shown. This is convenient because it allows users to see a distinction between sites that are worth visiting, compared to these that aren’t. The image and video search functions both have great filters that narrow down a search with ease. The video search also offers another great feature which is that when the mouse hovers over the video, a short playback can be viewed without clicking on the video.

Ok, so now we’ve discussed the search engine in detail and we can tell it’s a good product at this stage, so the question brought forth is: Can you name the owner of this search engine?

No, it’s obviously not Google (NASDAQ:GOOG).

No, Yahoo! (NASDAQ:YHOO) hasn’t changed.

So, who are we left with?

Exactly, Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT). Shocking, isn’t it?

The same company that fails to come out with a better operating system other than Windows XP and is also the same company that sells the problematic Xbox as well as the almost forgotten Zune music player, has actually managed to come out with a fairly good product.

Of course, it’s too early to be praising to the heavens their success, but they can actually gloat about something for the time being. Microsoft has spent a whopping $80-$100 million advertising their new search engine and apparently this advertising is doing wonders.

According to a study conducted by comScore Inc., that was released yesterday, Microsoft’s share of search results pages increased from 9.1% to 11.1%. This is remarkable considering it’s only been one week since its quiet launch.

Microsoft has some great momentum going for it right now as well as some great PR from those who are sharing their positive reviews of the site. What’s left to see is whether this buzz will actually last or whether Microsoft will be left to bite the dust again.

But, for now, kudos to you Microsoft, for finally doing something right.