Canadian Dollar: The Loonie Is Grounded

Includes: EWC, FXC
by: Matthew Bradbard

As goes energy and metals... so goes the Loonie. I've been bearish energies and metals for some time now, see below:

Gold Analyses

Crude Oil Analyses

…so the Canadian dollar is a natural short within this thesis.

After appreciating 3% in the last three weeks, I'm calling an interim top at 0.9977 with expectation of a bearish trade over the next couple of weeks. A breach of the lower Fibonacci level and the 20-day MA (dark blue) would confirm a trade south. My suggestion is to gain bearish exposure via futures while simultaneously selling out-of-the-money puts 1:1.

Two economic releases due out this week could work to move this cross. The Bank of Canada (BoC) reports April's CPI on Friday. Consensus expectations are for a rise of 0.9%. U.S. CPI will be out a day ahead, on Thursday, with stronger expectations for a 1.4% bump in prices.

The Canadian dollar futures contract is worth $100,000 so every 1-cent move represents a gain/loss of $1,000. June futures are currently trading at 0.9900. I'm targeting a trade south to the March lows, at .9650, giving us a potential window of profit worth $2500. If you sell out-of-the-money puts against short futures you should be able to pick up between 40% and 60% of this move, depending on the delta of the options you sell, assuming the .9650 target is reached.

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