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Titan Pharmaceuticals ( I could not resist the buying opportunity at just over a dollar this week. I even sold some Gilead (GILD) long calls to add to my position of TTNP. Revenue should be rolling in later this year and a Probuphine update is overdue.

Celsius Holdings (CSUH.ob)- Still love the prospects of the company but I am not impressed that they still have any association with Red Chip. For a company that is starting to grab a foothold in the mainstream, it's time to start acting like a big player and ignore investor conferences hosting by the clowns at Red Chip.

Capstone Turbine (CPST)- A rise above a dollar was long overdue for Capstone Turbine, the maker of low emission microturbines, and the stock jumped over 70% on news that one of its smaller turbines was successfully tested in a Ford (F) vehicle. I've always seen the potential of Capstone, but the company needs to figure out a way to turn its technology into a profitable business. Five years down the line, the current trading prices could look like a steal.

EpiCept (OTC:EPCT)- The stock nearly closed at a dollar on Friday, but a Ceplene partner update should be pending and next week the stock will finally close above a dollar.

Medasorb Technologies [MSBT.ob]- I usually don't play with 'one trick ponies' (biotechs that only have one pipeline candidate) but for ten cents I took a chance on this one. Could it be another TTNP? Possibly, but I'll be happy trading this one on any good news release. The downside is minimal for only ten cents.

Manhattan Pharmaceuticals [MHAN.ob]- I previously called Manhattan Pharmaceuticals the next TTNP- a stock trading for five cents or left with the potential to reach a dollar. Volume has picked up significantly this week, indicating that a Hedrin update may be close. If the Hedrin deal works out for this company, even a move to fifty cents will make investors who bought in at five very happy.

Sirius XM (SIRI)- The Sat Rad company is laden with debt, but it's only a matter of time before the big boys push this one over a dollar. Was a great buy at five cents earlier this year on the news of a possible bankruptcy, but buyers now should soon be rewarded with at least a 50% gain.

Disclosure: Author holds positions in all above mentioned stocks

Source: 7 Small Cap Stock Briefs