Country Inflation Rates

 |  Includes: ACWI, EEM, EFA, VT, VWO
by: Bespoke Investment Group

For those interested, below we highlight a big bar chart showing the most recent inflation rates for 77 countries. The average unweighted inflation rate for all of the countries is 4.11%. Fifty-nine countries are currently seeing prices rise versus a year ago, 14 are seeing prices decline, and 4 are flat. Venezuela has the highest inflation rate at 27.7%, followed by Kenya, Iran, Ukraine, Pakistan, Guatemala, and Russia. Ireland is seeing the most deflation with a year over year decline in prices of 4.7%. China has the third biggest decline in prices at -1.4%, while the US is right behind at -1.3%. Whether or not you use this chart to make any investment decisions, it does provide a good look at where each country stands in regards to price movements.