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Editor's notes: Even after a 35% move, there's still a lot to like. Improving profitability, new financing, and an attractive acquisition make the company a take-out target and a great standalone value.

In January, I wrote about why I thought there was significant upside potential for Multiband (MBND) in 2013. And just like a broken clock is right twice a day, the stock is up better than 30% subsequent to my analysis. Normally, when I'm bullish on a stock, I become incrementally less bullish the higher it goes. My reasoning for this is pretty simple: the higher a stock goes the greater the symmetry becomes between risk and reward. If I buy a $10 stock thinking the downside is 10% and the upside is 50% and the stock goes to $13, I start getting nervous. Provided that nothing has changed fundamentally with my investment thesis, I wouldn't buy...

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