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Earlier today we looked at US sector weightings, and below we take a look at the percentage of total world stock market cap that the largest countries make up. As shown below, the US and Japan, which were the two largest stock markets at the start of the year, have added to their percentage of world market cap so far this year at the expense of pretty much everyone else.

The US has already gained more than two full percentage points in 2013, jumping from 32.14% of total world stock market cap up to 34.17%. Japan is a distant second at a current level of 7.90%, but the country has seen its share jump 0.96 percentage points on the back of huge stock market gains.

The countries that have lost the biggest share of world market cap so far this year include Hong Kong, Canada, India, South Korea, Russia and the UK.

Source: U.S., Japan Gain On Rest Of World In 2013