Clearwire's Popularity as a Short Is Growing

Includes: INTC, S
by: Data Explorers

The short base (as measured by the percent of shares outstanding on loan) in Clearwire Corp (CLWR) has risen over the past month by 14.17% to 0.95%. CLWR operates a wireless broadband network that provides services to nearly 400,000 subscribers primarily in the U.S. and Europe. The short base of CLWR is somewhat diluted because Intel Corp. (NASDAQ:INTC) owns more than 18% of its shares outstanding.

Many believe that utilization (which measures the supply and demand in the securities lending market) can give a better indication of the ‘popularity’ of a short position. CLWR has a utilization of 69.88%, which has increased by 24.95% over the past month. CLWR’s share price is trading just under 5 dollars which makes it down only 1.22% YTD, but well off its high of $32.50 in July 2007.

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