Aug 01

Tip For Finding The Hottest Ticket in Town

sold out ticketsLooking for tickets to a sold out event? Want to get seats without having to scalp them from some shady character in an alley?

While eBay and Craigslist are still good places to find resold tickets, there are a few companies really focused on this market. According to ComScore Media Matrix, the top 5 companies in this arena (based on unique visitors) are,,, and

While these sites' primary goal is to provide access to tickets that you want and facilitate the sale, is currently revamping their site to include better customer service and social networking functionality.

TicketsNow currently can arrange a limousine ride to and from your event and other nice perks. New tools for customers to share their experience at an event, including reviews, blog posts and snapshots, will start appearing on the site. This is the first site in the ticket reselling business to add Web 2.0 aspects to their site. You will be able to share pictures of your event with friends and family, as well as write a review or tips for other readers who are purchasing tickets to the same event.

What have you used to successfully find sold out tickets on-line? Let us know in the comments section!


  • With eBay and the like, you have to worry a LOT about counterfeit tickets. I know for the small Tom Waits tour this summer - very small and VERY much in demand, since he never tours and has a rapid fanbase - they have said that they will not accept any tickets that have been purchased through eBay or the like.

    "Tom Waits tickets that have been purchased via resale sites such as eBay and will not be accepted at any of Waits’ upcoming shows. Because all eight dates of his tour immediately sold out, many tickets have been available for sale online and through ticket brokers. Tickets sold from these entities are assumed to be fraudulent, and many tickets may also be counterfeit."

    I have no idea how they would enforce this, not sure if they will be checking IDs or what, but this is something to consider strongly before going the eBay/StubHub route.

    Aug 01
  • I actually have found that for concerts, the best way to go is via individual band fan sites. There is a real sense of community for most bands and other 'heads' will usually try and hook you up with a ticket for face value for no reason other than to help out a fellow fan. This has worked with me for Bob Dylan, Phish (many times), and Neil Young to name just a few.

    Aug 01