4 Canadian Small Cap Mobile Infrastructure Plays

by: Ron Shuttleworth

Yesterday, Redknee (OTC:RKNEF) announced its second major contract in two days, and the third in less than a month. See the post from June 6th.

The trend for Redknee continues to be international with the June contract located in the Middle East, Monday's multi-million dollar contract with a Tier1 operator in Europe, and then Tuesday's announced contract in Pacific-Asia. Investors should expect this trend to continue as operators in these regions look for mobile infrastructure and middleware solutions to support significant growing demand for mobile data services.

In many parts of EMEA and Pac-Asia, wireless devices will be the dominant access point to the internet and related data. As operators expand billing to accommodate, Redknee should be among the vendors to benefit, and management at RKN appears to be executing well to capture market share.

Mobile infrastructure should continue to be a significant area of growth over the coming years as operators worldwide attempt to manage some of the emerging complexities associated with billing, provisioning, and capacity for 3.2 billion subscribers worldwide.

With that in mind, there are a handful of small-cap public Canadian companies to watch including (in alphabetical order):

Bridgewater Systems (OTC:BDWRF, BWC.TO)
Dragonwave (DRGNF.PK, DWI.TO)

Disclosure: I own shares of BWC. I do not own shares of DWI, RKN, or WIN.