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Tiffany: "What meds are you on?"
Pat: "Me? None. I used to be on Lithium and Seroquel and Abilify but I don't take them anymore, no. They make me foggy and they also make me bloated."
Tiffany: "Yeah, I was on Xanax and Effexor but I agree, I wasn't as sharp so I stopped."
Pat: "You ever take Klonopin?"
Tiffany: "Klonopin, yeah!"
Pat: "Right?!"
Tiffany: "Jesus!"
Pat: "What day is it?"
Tiffany: "Ha ha"
Pat: "What about Trazodone?"
Tiffany: "Trazodone?"
Pat: "What, it flattens you out. I mean, you are done. It takes the light right out of your eyes."

These lines, quoted from the recent hit movie Silver...

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