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Sergey Aleynikov's code dump page has been uncovered, courtesy of the Sergey Aleynikov Fan Club on Facebook. The site can be found here. Intrepid hackers, nascent program traders, Goldman (NYSE:GS) lawyers and DHS lackeys should be all over this. As Zero Hedge will be out of pocket for the next few hours, it might make sense for a reader to create a mirror of the content as I have a sinking suspicion this Google page will be taken down faster than Tila Tequila's modesty.The Google Code linked wiki page is already responding with a 502 Server Error and it is odd that this page has not also been removed.

Among the projects on the Code site include:

The Erlang Plus Interface library (NYSEARCA:EPI) is a tool set of C++ classes to easily build applications in C++ what comunicates with Erlang. The intention of the library is to cover the holes that EI library offers:

  • An object oriented implementation
  • A simple API
  • Extensibility
  • Abstraction of comunication mechanism
  • Simplified management of incoming messages (mailboxes)

Which Sergey was allegedly putting together in conjunction with user "Keymon."
There is also a sole sourced, undescribed project called Svnarchive, which links to a dead-end command line access viewer.
The biggest project is Erlocaml, described as a tight bridge between Erlang and OCaml. Listed project owners in addition to Sergey are Ulf.Wiger, Cyril.romain, Joelr1, and Chris.romain.
I hope some of our enterprising readers take the time to make some sense of all this code in my immediate absence. While the probability of a smoking gun contained here is marginal at best, stranger things have happened.
Source: Aleynikov's Code Dump Uncovered